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Our Exceptional Staff

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Contact David Morrow  David Morrow Principal
Assistant Principal
Contact Dan Jarvis  Dan Jarvis Assistant Principal
Contact Cierra Cappadocia  Cierra Cappadocia Teacher
Contact Charles Finn  Charles Finn Teacher
Contact Michael Potts  Michael Potts Teacher
Fourth/ Fifth Combo
Contact Janette Boone  Janette Boone Teacher
Contact Olga Alvarez  Olga Alvarez (760) 435-2100 Teacher
Contact Leslie Engel  Leslie Engel Teacher
Contact Kate Venzon  Kate Venzon Teacher
Contact Mark Webb  Mark Webb Teacher
Contact Pam Arias  Pam Arias Teacher
Contact Stacy Phillips  Stacy Phillips Teacher
Contact Madeline Ramirez  Madeline Ramirez Teacher
Contact Rachelle Sakemi  Rachelle Sakemi Teacher
Contact Ann Daris  Ann Daris Teacher
Contact Grace Domingo  Grace Domingo Teacher
Contact Lori Jones  Lori Jones Teacher
Contact Tobi Ringlever  Tobi Ringlever (760) 435-2133 Kinder Teacher Rm K-1
Office Staff
Contact Christina Aguilera  Christina Aguilera Bilingual Office Assistant
Contact Erika Atkisson  Erika Atkisson School Community Advisor
Contact Alita Jones  Alita Jones Health Clerk
Contact Barbara McLoughlin  Barbara McLoughlin (760) 435-2104 ex: 2104 Secretary
School Psychologist
Contact Kelly McGlothlin  Kelly McGlothlin School Psychologist
School Counselor
Contact Holly Baron  Holly Baron Teacher
Contact Kristina Hohmann  Kristina Hohmann SDC/Teacher
Contact Jennifer Liston  Jennifer Liston RSP Teacher
Contact Jean Wickersham  Jean Wickersham PE Teacher
Music Program
Contact Kevin Hoff  Kevin Hoff Music Teacher
nutrition services lead i
Contact Kelly Beltran  Kelly Beltran Nutrition Services Lead
Library Tech 11
Contact Sheila Zavodny  Sheila Zavodny Staff
Custodial Staff
Contact Minerva Perkins  Minerva Perkins Night Custodian
Contact Jesus(Chuy) Tarango  Jesus(Chuy) Tarango (760) 917-3069 Day Lead Custodian