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Supply List & Teacher Wish List


* colored printer ink for a 920  HP printer

*1 ream of 8 ½ x 11 copy paper (white or colored)

*zip lock bags (gallon and quart size)

*multi-colored card stock

*Elmer’s glue sticks

*paper lunch bags brown and white

*scotch tape

*crackers (Graham, Goldfish, Ritz, Saltines)

*24 count Crayola crayons

*facial tissue box

*multi-color Crayola markers

*antibacterial wipes

*colored pencils

*baby wipes


*Hand Sanitizer 

*We also use lots of ribbons and lace and pretty material scraps, buttons, etc. for collages.  

Second Grade

*Box of ticonderoga #2 pencils
*Box of tissues
*Kid scissors
* 12 pack Crayola colored pencils
*3 pack of glue sticks
*Crayola markers 8 to 10 pack
*Small, rectangular, plastic, pencil box
*Small rectangular pink erasers
*Crayola crayons—16-24 in a box

*Small box/pack of Bandaids


Fifth Grade

What 5th Graders Need

*1-1/2 or 2, inch 3 ring binder (no zipper binders)

*4 (or more) tab subject dividers 
*4 pencils
 *One zipper pouch--No pencil boxes
 *2 spiral notebooks (8 ½ x 11) 1 subject 70 pgs
*2- 3 prong pocket folders

* Box of colored Pencils 12 count

Back to School Wish List
*colored pencils
*Pencil sharpeners
 * Glue -Quart size


*spiral Notebooks

*Paper Towels

*Ziplock Bags

*Google Eyes


First Grade

*2 dozen #2 Ticonderoga pencils

*Large bottle of hand sanitizer

*1 box colored pencils

*2 glue sticks (small)

*2 bottle of glue (medium)

*1 box of Crayola markers (8 Classic)

*erasers for pencils and pink erasers

*2 boxes of Kleenex

*2 boxes of Crayola crayons (24 count)

*S.O. School T-shirt, purchased through the PTO

* Black sharpie

*1 box Expo white board markers 

Third Grade

*1 ½ inch binder with large zipper pencil pouch
*package of wide-lined notebook paper for binder
*package of 8 dividers for binder
*1 box colored pencils—16 count
*1 box crayons (16 count)
*1 box washable classic markers (8 count)
*1 pair scissors (pointed student size)
*1 roll scotch tape
*1 glue stick                                     
*1 large eraser                                 
*1 pack sticky notes                         
*1 yellow highlighter
*1 small bottle white glue
*1 12 inch/cm ruler
*1 red pen
*2 dry erase markers

Classroom Wish List
*1 box facial tissues
*1 container antibacterial wipes or gel
*1 box of quart sized baggies
*2 dozen #2 pencils


Fourth Grade

*pencil pouch
* #2 pencils
*small encased sharpener
*2 erasers
*1-1/2 inch binder

(please, no zipper binders)

*5-tab index dividers



*ruler (centimeters and inches)

*colored pencils
*composition book

*3 book covers (jumbo size)
*yellow highlighter