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Drop Off/ Pick Up

Campus opens daily at 8:25 a.m.


Parents should follow the directions of school staff when dropping off or picking up students.  Students should always cross at crosswalks, even if accompanied by an adult.


Signing Students Out Prior to the End of the Day

We must have a dated and signed note from home each time anyone other than a parent is sent to pick up a child, particularly if the person is not listed on the emergency card. The note must state who is authorized to receive your child. We cannot release students to anyone other than those listed on the emergency card without a note. For your child’s protection, please update your emergency card when the information changes. In this way, we are assured that a child is safely released to the person designated. We will excuse a student early on the basis of a note or telephone call from parents or guardians only. Each child who is excused early must be picked up in the office.