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 Student Rights and Responsibilities  

Students have some very special responsibilities which will help to safeguard their rights and those of their fellow students. 

These rights and responsibilities are:  

  1. Allow yourself and others to be safe. This means following all school rules in order to avoid unnecessary problems, dangers, or injuries.  
  2. Treat others and their property with respect. This means allowing others to teach and learn in a positive, scholarly environment.  
  3. Protect your rights and those of your schoolmates. This means reporting problems to an adult. Use appropriate language. Use materials that are your own, or that you have permission to use.  
  4. Take pride in South Oceanside Elementary School. This means protecting your classroom, school building, the grounds, and equipment from damage, litter and misuse.  
  5. Accept responsibility for your own actions. This means you are responsible for the decisions you make. You may not blame other students, your parents, or your teachers for your behavior.  
  6. Complete school assignments. This means completing all assignments and homework on time.   
  7. Have good school attendance and be prompt. This means attending school daily unless ill. Bring in a note about your absence and arrive at school on time.  


Behavior Partnership  

As a South Oceanside student, it is my responsibility to:

  • attend school everyday and be on time     
  • come to school prepared to learn, with homework completed
  • obey the directions of South Oceanside staff members    
  • maintain a positive attitude toward learning and always do my best work    
  • respect myself and the rights and property of others  


The staff of South Oceanside accepts the responsibility to:

  • provide a quality instructional program for each student based upon the California State Standards   
  • establish an orderly classroom and safe school environment     
  • implement programs and activities which respond to the social, emotional, personal, and physical development of each student   
  • assist parents in helping their children develop self-discipline, self-respect, self-confidence, and respect for others  




As a parent of a South Oceanside student it is my responsibility to:

  • send my child to school each day on time, well rested, healthy, properly dressed, and prepared with the necessary materials,check my child’s work/homework on a daily basis  
  • communicate with my child’s teacher when I am concerned about my child’s work or behavior  



Bus Rules         

Students who ride the bus to school must wait at the stop in an orderly manner, remain seated on the bus at all times, refrain from making loud noises or being disorderly on the bus, and follow the directions of the bus driver at all times. After being warned, if a student’s behavior is still not appropriate, the student will receive a bus referral. The first bus referral is a warning and parents will receive written notice of the infraction. The second referral may result in suspension of bus privileges for 3 days and the third bus referral will result in suspension of bus privileges for 5 days. A fourth bus referral may result in suspension of bus privileges for the remainder of the school year.  



South Oceanside Elementary School is committed to the goal of providing a clean, safe and orderly campus where all students have the opportunity to be successful learners. The staff works hard to foster a positive learning environment where students are respected, valued, and acknowledged for their efforts. In turn, we expect students to be respectful of staff, fellow students and school property.          The following sections describe conduct problems that will not be tolerated at South Oceanside Elementary School. Consequences are clearly outlined for students, parents, and staff to ensure policies are fairly and consistently enforced. 



Schoolwide Disciplinary Actions  

Informal Conference- A teacher or administrator will talk to the student regarding expectations for student behavior.  

Telephone Call to Parent- Parents will be notified by telephone or mail of persistent or significant behavior problems. Future occurrences will result in detention/suspension.  

Detention- The student will be informed that he/she must attend a recess detention. Parents will be notified by telephone or note.

Removal from Class (In School Suspension)- The student will be removed from class but will remain at school.  

Suspension from School- The student will be informed that he/she will be subject to home suspension (five days or less). The student’s parent(s) or legal guardian will be notified by telephone, and a letter will be mailed to the parents. Parents may be asked to pick up their child at this time. Students will not be allowed on the school campus during suspension, nor will they be allowed to attend any school or district activity or function.   Upon return from suspension, a formal conference is held between the student, parent, and one or more school officials. During this conference, the student must agree to correct his/her behavior. A behavior contract will be created and then signed by the student, parent, teacher, and administrator.

Expulsion- The student will be informed that he/she will be subject to expulsion. The student’s parent(s) or legal guardian will be notified by telephone or letter that the student will be subject to expulsion. Notification to the parent(s) or legal guardian will include clear instructions regarding the due process. The expulsion will not become effective until the due process has been completed by the district expulsion panel and the Board of Education. Students will not be allowed on the school campus during expulsion, nor will they be allowed to attend any district school or district activity.  

NOTE: a pupil may be suspended/expelled for offenses which occur at the following times:       

1. While on school grounds.       

2. While going to or coming from school.

3. During the lunch period.   Offenses and Their Consequences (Please see the appendix of offenses and their consequences at the back of the handbook)  


Classroom Discipline- 

Each teacher implements a standard classroom discipline program of behavior expectations and appropriate consequences. Typical consequences for behavior disruptive to the classroom learning environment include: parent contact, recess detention, referral to the office, and teacher requested in-school suspension up to two days. Positive student behavior reflecting adherence to classroom rules will be rewarded in a variety of ways.