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Located in the beautiful seaside community of South Oceanside, California, South Oceanside Elementary School was originally built in 1948.  Some of the traditions that began then, like the Halloween Carnival, continue on today.  With it's complete renovation in 2005, this little school continues to be the heart of our neighborhood.  With an amazing staff of dedicated employees, an impressive Parent Teacher Organization, and the world's greatest kids,  South "O" is one of the best schools in all of North County!

Mission Statement


Our mission is to provide students with the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to build a solid foundation for further academic success based on high academic standards accessible to all students. In pursuit of excellence, students will be instilled with a love of learning and a desire to work to their maximum potential so that they will be able to find personal fulfillment and will become lifelong contributing members of our high-tech, multicultural society. 


Sunset at Cassidy Street.

Building Effective Schools Together-B.E.S.T.

 The BEST program is in its second school year at South Oceanside. It is a program that builds a positive behavior climate at our school. South Oceanside has three school rules: Be safe, Be respectful, and Be responsible. All our students know these rules and are positively reinforced each day for abiding by them-they receive “Be Tickets” and “Razzle Dazzle” awards in recognition of their positive behavior. These reinforcers enable students to win prizes in drawings each week, but, more importantly, they represent recognition for student compliance with our behavior expectations. The BEST program should enable the South Oceanside School community to reduce discipline referrals and bullying significantly, making a great school greater!