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Forms & Procedures

Directions for Holding an Event or Fundraiser at South O

  • Present idea, event, fundraiser to principal and PTO. Use the Event Proposal form linked on the bottom of this page.
  • Fill out an activity request.
  • The activity request goes to Barbara.  She looks to see if the date and time is available.  If it is, the activity request form goes to the principal to be approved or denied.
  • The event is calendared on the school master calendar.
  • The event information and an invitation is sent to the board of education by the principal.
  • The custodians are notified of the time and date and needed set ups.  Custodians need 2 weeks advanced notice to prepare and adjust their routes to ensure that they have their daily duties covered as well.
  • All communication (flyers, posters, brochures, call outs, etc) gets approved by the PTO and principal.
  • Communication is sent out to parents/community by the sponsoring party.
  • A meeting needs to be set up with the PTO treasurer (Kristina McCay) for each fundraiser to solidify the protocol for how monies and cash boxes, if needed, will be handled and accounted for.
  • The event is held, everyone has a great time, and a lot of money is raised! 

 Check Reimbursement Protocol

  • Make sure the money has been budgeted
  • Fill out Check Request Form 
  • Submit Check Request Form into the PTO mailbox along with a copy of the receipt
  • Notify treasurer that a check request is the waiting via email 
  • Check from PTO will be left in front desk drawer in an envelope with your name on it, generally within a week

  Distributing Fliers

  • Create / Write the flier with all the graphics and wording
  • Submit for approval to Mr. Morrow ( and PTO President (
  • Once approved, submit for translation into Spanish (Barb/Mr. Morrow can help with this)
  • Make copies. Contact PTO presdient for help with this. 
  • Divide the fliers into appropriate numbers for each class (Barbara McLoughlin can give you a list with number of students in each class)
  • Distribute to each teacher’s box by Wednesday morning for Thursday envelopes

*Takes about 1 week to 10 days from submitting to Mr. Morrow to ready to distribute.


Activity Request (gets items on the school’s master calendar)

  • This is for pre-approved events
  • Fill out the form with date of event, items needed for the set up of the event (chairs and tables needed, how many)Forms hanging on the wall of the work room in a manila envelope
  • Submit to Mr. Morrow for her approval
  • Barbara McLoughlin will add it to the school calendar


After School Enrichment Program Approval

  • Pick up a Facility Use Form from Barb.
  • The vender needs to fill out this form, and show proof of Insurance (naming South O on the policy)
  • Turn in both to Barb for Mr. Morrow's approval
  • Also, start the flier approval process.
  • Once all has been approved, go through the Activity Request process.


Click for the following forms

Proposal for Funds

Event Proposal