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English Language Learners

English Learner Program

Welcome to the program for English Learners

The Oceanside Unified School District is committed to providing effective educational program options for English learners that meet district and state standards for English competence and academic achievement.


The English Learners Master Plan explains the various program options for English learners. We are proud to offer our English learners the following educational pathways:

  1. Structured English Immersion Program (SEI)

  2. English Language Mainstream Program (ELM)

  3. Dual Immersion Instructional Program


Through these pathways, each district student is enrolled in a learning program that meets his or her language and academic needs.


Students will normally spend one to three years in Structured English Immersion before moving into our English Language Mainstream Program for students with intermediate English skills. Students in the English Language Mainstream Program classes continue to study the English language, as well as other subjects appropriate for their grade level such as math, social studies and science. Students will normally remain in the English Language Mainstream Program for two to three years. English learners are enrolled in a Mainstream English Program once they have developed grade-level English skills and have met our criteria to be designated as Fluent English Proficient. All instruction in this program is at grade level and with native English speakers.


For students with approved waivers, we offer a Spanish Language Instructional Program that features instruction in both English and Spanish. The goal of this three-year program is the rapid development of English language skills with instruction increasingly given in English and decreasingly given in Spanish over the course of the program.

Program Master Plan

By using this document, district teachers, support staff, administrators, parents and board members can contribute to bringing a new level of quality and commitment to educating all of our students for the 21st century.

Nicol Martinez

ELD Coordinator

Tel: (760) 966-7868



About the Program

About one-fourth of our students enroll in Oceanside schools knowing little or no English. In keeping with our mission to educate every student for success in the global community, we are pleased to offer four programs taught by teachers specially trained to address the needs of English learners. Students with minimal English skills enroll in our Structured English Immersion Program, where instruction is primarily in English and designed to help students learn English as rapidly as possible while giving them special assistance in math, science and history.

Resources for Teachers, Students, and Parents